Standard Books by Excellentis business software meant for small and medium-sized companies. Different modules such as Point of Sale, Project Accounting, Contracts Management, Accounting of Apartment Union etc. can be added to the main package according to the specifics of the company.
Standard ERP by HansaWorld is integrated business software for middle and large companies
TAAVI PALK is the proper choice for all salary calculators. The yearly updating of regulatory acts regarding the salaries’ and tax calculation, and constantly added small details make the salary calculation one of the most complex fields in financial accounting. In connection, the software used in salaries’ calculation has become more complex, year by year. Taavi Tarkvara has kept an eye on the changes in the salaries’ calculation over the last years and set a goal for itself to offer a software to its clients that is capable to cover the entire and complex field of salaries’ calculation. The different packages of Taavi Palk offer a top-quality solution for both small, medium-size and large companies.