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Salary calculation is very complex with all its nuances. Taavi Palk makes the solving of most complex situations as easy and automatic as possible. The elegant and logical user interface facilitates the learning of the software and future work with it. Our competent consultants are always at your service to help you with any problems that can occur during salary calculation.

Documents and reports

Taavi Palk has built its accounting system on a separate report package called R&R Report Writer which enables maximum flexibility at creating reports. If necessary, reports can be easily added or changed. All reports can easily be exported into MS Word and MS Excel and save in the RTF or PDF formats, where they can easily be edited further.

Connection with the ledger

Taavi Palk automatically compiles entries into all most frequently used accounting programs (for instance HansaWorld programs, SAF, Navision, etc), thus, Taavi Palk is the perfect choice for companies that need a professional salaries’ accounting software but already use some software. Entries are composed according to your company’s account card and analysis.


Taavi Palk for ten employees can easily be extended into a salary software of a company employing thousands (the number of simultaneous users is only limited by the company’s technical resources – the number of computers in the company).


Taavi Palk is integrated into the software Taavi Personal of which new employees, vacations, temporary sick leave. The data regarding the working times is queried into the software from Taavi Tööaeg tables. The aforementioned three software solutions enable a company to solve all the problems connected with personnel and accounting.

Large customer base

At the moment the software is in use in more than 1,500 companies.

The large customer base stands as the guarantee that the software is reliable and offers several useful functions.

Taavi Palk is in compliance with all regulatory acts, regulations and other legal acts relevant for salaries’ calculation in the Republic of Estonia.

  • Editable income tax levels’ table and minimum salary.
  • Employee-centered approach (the employee’s chart contains all information related to the employee).
  • Flexible salary calculation periods (advance payments, interim calculations, final calculation).
  • There are no limits on the interim calculations (for vacation pays, sick leave payments and other payments conducted outside the regular salary payment day).
  • Perfect collection of salary calculation algorhythms (remuneration and withholding types cover most of the specific needs). Main algorhythms: for calculating time-based, hourly and piecework remuneration.
  • Thorough calculation of averages (always in compliance with the latest regulatory acts).
  • Salary calculation can be repeated without limitations (all details can be changed before compiling the final payroll).
  • Simple card-cabinet style approach: all data is stored in different registers. When opening a register, a table of contents appears on the screen and enables to open the required card.
  • Documents and reports: payroll, salary sheet; summarized reports per remuneration types, employees and departments; all reports to be submitted to the Tax and Customs Board, including form TSD Appendix 1 to Appendix 8; monthly statistical report, and several other reports required for the salaries’ calculation. Altogether more than 200 different reports.
  • Sub-registers of departments, analysis codes, places of residence, banks, ISCO codes, EW position codes, etc.
  • Connected with all the most common salary software in Estonia (TeleHansa, Microbanker, Telepank, Solo).